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The Surprising Truth About Sugar Addiction

Sugar, can without doubt be termed as one of the basic foods needed for survival because of its extensive use in almost each and every corner of the world. Some scientists say that sugar acts as a ‘feel good’ substance just like some brain chemicals known as serotonin with dopamine and other drugs that are termed illicit for inducing addictive behavior within the consumers.

Are you addicted?

Having a sweet tooth is not uncommon. Millions of Americans tend to consume sugar in the form of baked confectioneries or soda drinks etc. Some may say that these people are addicted to sugar and can’t live without it. But delving into a habit of feeding yourself sugar every two or three hours or so can be a bit risky too.

Your body may get used to being pumped up on sugar but in a scenario where you can’t seem to find a sweet treat, you may feel symptoms of low blood sugar showing up in your body like anxiety and cold sweat along with some jitters etc.

There have been studies conducted by scientists on people who intake sugar on a much higher level compared to those who do not. The results were astounding. People with a sweet tooth, who had their sugary delights taken away, acted like drug addicts who wouldn’t respond to anything else but their drugs. This showed that the brain’s receptors that regulate the sugar flow within the body had been affected by its over-consumption.

Getting High on Sugar

Eating simple carbohydrates like a cookie or a piece of your favorite cake or even a candy are readily converted to glucose the time these enter your body. These can give you a quick boost of energy but not much nutrition as compared to dairy products, vegetables and fruits which can be slow in releasing their wholesome goodness including protein along with fiber.

As insulin is needed to process the glucose present within your bloodstream, turning it into energy for your functioning cells, its unusual decrease in someone who has knack for all sweet things can leave him or her lethargic and dizzy. Insulin is generated from the pancreas with the consumption of sugar and its absence renders a person slow and shaky reaching for another sugary delight to get high again.


A substitute for sugar Sugar isn’t the only culprit here. Some people are greatly addictive towards starch too, as it gives the same “feel good” experience sugar does. By consuming starch day in and day out, your body becomes dependent on it and keeps on craving for more. Some of the common starch addiction foods are:
White flour
White rice

Others include starches that are highly refined and are deemed to be one of the most addictive starches of all time e.g. desserts wholly based on grain, pasta, white bread, crackers and many more.

Beating the Sugar Addiction
People might have different ideas on controlling your sweet tooth. Sugar detox is a common practice these days. Weeks of surviving on green vegetables and stuffing yourself with protein can rid of your sweet tooth. But one must realize that no addiction can be gotten rid of by going cold turkey on it altogether. You have to take small steps. Limit your sugar consumption day by day, one habit at a time. Don’t let the sugar control you because it’s your job to control it.


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